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6 million online doctor reviews Reviews for Doctors is a popular website for patients to find and review doctors. A good Vitals profile is essential for doctors to build trust, attract new patients and retainin existing ones.


Reviewtec can Boost Your Vitals Profile

ReviewTec offers a comprehensive solution for doctors looking to acquire reviews on quickly and efficiently. By utilizing Email and SMS review requests, ReviewTec speeds up the entire review gathering process, helping you enhance your ranking and improve your Google SEO.

Here's how ReviewTec can help you get more reviews faster:

Personalized Review Requests
Send customized Email and SMS review requests to your patients, making it easy for them to leave feedback on

Automated Follow-ups
Increase the likelihood of receiving reviews with automated follow-up messages that remind patients to share their experiences.

Real-time Tracking
Monitor the progress of your review acquisition campaign with Iive tracking and reporting, allowing you to make data-driven adjustments as needed.

Time-saving Templates
Access a library of professionally designed, customizable templates for email and SMS review requests, saving you time and effort.

The More You Know:

Integration with Medical Practice Management Systems: ReviewTec's platform can easily integrate with popular medical practice management systems, streamlining the process of collecting and managing patient information for review requests. This seamless integration ensures a smooth, efficient, and secure experience for both doctors and patients, enhancing the overall effectiveness of review acquisition in the medical industry.

HIPAA Compliant Review Acquisition: ReviewTec is designed with the medical industry's privacy and security requirements in mind, ensuring that its review acquisition process is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This commitment to privacy and security enables healthcare professionals to confidently use ReviewTec's services, knowing that patient information is protected and their practice is compliant with industry regulations.

ReviewTec for Your Medical Practice

With ReviewTec's innovative review gathering solution, your medical practice can enjoy numerous benefits, including:

Enhanced Online Reputation
Boost your practice's reputation on and improve your Google SEO by showcasing the quality of your care through genuine patient feedback.

Higher Ranking
Elevate your ranking, making your practice stand out among competitors and attracting more patients.

Overcoming Negative Reviews
While a few negative reviews can slow down business, an influx of positive reviews facilitated by ReviewTec can help to outweigh their impact, maintaining a strong online presence.

Attract new patients and retain existing ones by continuously improving your services based on valuable insights from reviews.
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Sign up now for a free, no-obligation trial of ReviewTec and experience the difference for yourself. With plans starting at just $29/month, there's no better time to invest in your practice's success by amplifying your reviews and boosting your ranking on this popular platform and on Google.

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Vitals Review
5 stars
Love this group. Dr.Haddock is a wonderful doctor. He listens to you. I would and have recommended him to my family
- Susan Cobb - Reviewed Dr. Nicholas Haddock on Vitals
Vitals Review
5 stars
Dr. Haddock recently did a reconstruction and reduction after my partial mastectomy. He and his staff did an excellent job. I am pleased with my results. He is very good at explaining your procedure and answering questions!!
- Suzann Breckenridge - Reviewed Dr. Nicholas Haddock on Vitals
Vitals Review
5 stars
Dr. Mironov is an excellent physician. He communicates well, follows up in a timely manner, and answers all questions you have. He is one of the best cardiologists that I have encountered. Highly recommend!
- Alex M - Reviewed Alex Mironov MD on Vitals

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