White Label Reviews System
For Marketing Agencies

Do you own a Marketing Agency? Are you looking for a way to offer your clients ReviewTec's great service while setting your own pricing? We've got you covered with ReviewTec's White Label!

We now offer Marketing Agencies their own client dashboard for quick and easy client management.


How is it branded?

Upload your logos to brand your dashboard as your own. There is no ReviewTec branding or linking back to our core software.

We've built an entirely new system just for you at reviewaccess.com.


How is it accessed?

Your management portal and your clients review dashboard can both be accessed at:


Setting up your client businesses

We've made it easy for your agency to provide clients their own business reviews portal.


Setting up a Client Business uses a "Seat"

Each business you add to your client list can have one of three account types (Basic, Standard or Multi).


Basic Business Account

Our basic business account provides your client with 1 user account that can send up to 10 requests per day.

Great for Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Agents



Standard Business Account

Setup a small business client with 10 user accounts that can send a combined total of 1500 requests per month.

Great for Plumbing Companies, Salons, Restaurants



Multi-Location Business Account

Setup a business with up to 10 separate business locations (each with it's own set of Google, Facebook, etc review links). It also provides up to 100 user accounts that can send a combined total of 3000 requests per month.

Great for franchises, chains & multiple office businesses.


White Label Pricing

ReviewTec is proud to be one of the only review managment services to fully disclose our pricing on our website.

Start off with a Free 5 Seat Trial

When you signup for our Agency White Label, you have 14 days to try us out with 5 Free Seats. Furthermore, we do not require contracts or setup fees.

What can you do with 5 Seats?

Setup 5 basic businesses (OR)
Setup 1 standard + 3 basic businesses (OR)
Setup 2 standard + 1 basic business (OR)
Setup 1 multi-location + 1 basic business

If you run out of seats, you can upgrade/downgrade your agency plan at anytime!

Pricing in USD | CAD
5 Seats
$ 119 /mo


Other Pricing Plans:
10 Seats ($239/mo usd)
15 Seats ($329/mo usd)
20 Seats ($419/mo usd)
30 Seats ($599/mo usd)
50 Seats ($959/mo usd)
White Label plans offer up to 34% in discounts. Savings calculations are based on ReviewTec's Tiny Plan pricing ($29 USD) multiplied by seats in plan.

Client Dashboard Features

Your clients dashboard doesn't just provide the ability to send review requests via Email and SMS. It also provides your client with tracking, reporting and ranking information.



We track all activity so you know what's happening when it happens!

(Sends, Opens, Clicks, Ratings, Reviews & More)



We provide many reports including team reports, employee reports, site statistics, usage reports, pending requests and a weekly progress scorecard.


Live Activity Feed

Watch everything happen live including send-outs via email and sms, clicks, reminders, ratings and posted reviews.



Turn it into a game! The employee ranking scoreboard shows who's leading at reviews for any given time-period.



Support available directly within your business dashboard.

Client Customization Features

Your clients will be able to customize their messages and website integrations like no other review system.


Automated Reminders

If a customer hasn't opened or responded to your request, we'll send them a friendly reminder (only once).


Automated Thank You Messages

Want to thank your customer for leaving you a great review online? Simply turn on this optional feature and we'll send a customized message back to the customer thanking them for taking the time to write that review.


Website Integration

Want to display your prized reviews directly on your website or blog? Great! Simply customize your review widget (fonts, colors, sizes etc) and then copy a simple line of code to your page. Easy!


Review Buttons

Want to add quick "Review Us" buttons to your website or social media? We provide quick copy/paste buttons so your customers can initiate their own review!


CRM Integration

Want requests to go out automatically when you perform an action in your management software? Such as closing an invoice? No problem! We provide Webhook integration with Zapier. Zapier connects ReviewTec to over 1500 app and crms. Check if yours is available.


Message Customization

Not sure if our high-performance messages will work for your business? No problem! You can change and customize your messages right within your business dashboard.

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