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How ReviewTec Helps Contractors, Roofers, Plumbers, and Home Service Providers Get More HomeStars Reviews Faster and Increase Their Listing Percentage Score

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HomeStars Reviews in Canada

HomeStars is #1 platform in Canada to connect homeowners with reliable and trustworthy home service companies, such as contractors, roofers and plumbers. Maintaining a high ranking HomeStars listing is one of the most beneficial things you can do to attract new clients and establish a solid reputation in your city. From Halifax to Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver, every home service business needs a HomeStars profile.


The HomeStars 99% Target Score!

Have you ever seen a profile on HomeStars with a 100% score? Neither have we! But 99% is totally do-able!

ReviewTec offers contractors, roofers, plumbers, and other home service providers in Canada a way to get HomeStars reviews quickly. By utilizing Email and SMS review requests, ReviewTec streamlines the entire review acquisition process and helps increase your HomeStars listing score.

Here's how ReviewTec can help you get more HomeStars reviews faster and boost your percentage:

Personalized Review Requests
Send customized Email and SMS review requests to your clients, making it easy for them to leave feedback on HomeStars.

Automated Follow-ups
Increase the likelihood of receiving reviews with automated follow-up messages that remind clients to share their experiences.

Time-saving Templates
Access a library of professionally designed, customizable templates for email and SMS review requests, saving you time and effort.

Real-time Tracking
Monitor the progress of your review acquisition campaign with live tracking and reporting, allowing you to make data-driven adjustments as needed.

Cool Features You'll Want to Know About

Smart Review Distribution: ReviewTec's intelligent review distribution feature enables businesses to prioritize and distribute their review requests across multiple platforms - such as Google, HomeStars, Yelp etc.

Customer Sentiment Analysis: ReviewTec's platform incorporates cutting-edge sentiment analysis technology, which helps businesses to understand customer emotions and opinions from the reviews. This powerful feature provides actionable insights and enables businesses to address specific areas of improvement, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ReviewTec for Your Home Service Business

With ReviewTec's innovative review gathering solution, your home service business in Canada can enjoy numerous benefits, including:

Increased Client Trust
A higher volume of positive reviews on HomeStars can lead to greater trust among prospective clients.

Enhanced Online Reputation
Boost your business's reputation by showcasing the quality of your services through genuine client feedback.

Growth and Success
Attract new clients and retain existing ones by continuously improving your services based on valuable insights from reviews.

Higher HomeStars Percentage Score
Elevate your HomeStars listing percentage score, making your business stand out among competitors and attracting more clients.
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Boost your business in Canada! Sign up now for a free 14-day trial of ReviewTec and experience the difference for yourself. With plans starting at just $39/month CAD, there's no better time to invest in your business's success by amplifying your HomeStars reviews and boosting your listing percentage score.

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HomeStars Review
5 stars
Liam the technician came to do the AC maintenance service. He was super to talk to. He did the AC maintenance and cleared the condenser in a timely manner. He checked the condenser pressure and ensured the pressure was ok before he left.
- Sheila Wing - Reviewed High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc. on HomeStars
HomeStars Review
5 stars
Liam did a great job, very knowledgeable and professional. This is a part of the yearly service membership.
- Larry Morris - Reviewed High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc. on HomeStars
HomeStars Review
5 stars
Rana was fantastic! He remembered doing our furnace service and thermostat installation. He was very thorough with his service and explanations of what he was doing. Rana was efficient, on time, and appeared to be a very happy employee.
- Private User - Reviewed High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc. on HomeStars

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