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What is CarGurus for dealerships?

CarGurus for dealerships simplifies the car-buying process and improves dealership visibility while offering transparent pricing system. Its innovative search engine and user-friendly interface make finding the perfect car easy for buyers. However, a few bad reviews can make it difficult for a dealership to build trust with new potential customers.

Stick around, because we'll show you how ReviewTec can boost your rating on CarGurus and help move those vehicles.


CarGurus Reviews Impact Vehicle Sales

CarGurus reviews play big role in shaping a dealership's reputation on the website and infIuencing potential buyers. By raising your overall review score and keeping positive customer feedback on top, dealerships can:

Build credibility:
Positive reviews on CarGurus act as social proof, enhancing a dealership's reputation and trust.

Improve customer satisfaction:
Dealerships can use review feedback to identify areas for improvement, ensuring they meet customer expectations.

Boost search visibility:
With more reviews, deaIerships are likely to rank higher in CarGurus search results.

Did You Know?

Car buyers can pre-qualify for a car loan and get a price quote through CarGurus. Then you contact YOU (the dealership) with your quote and set up a time to test drive and/or purchase the vehicle.

Using ReviewTec to Push More Reviews to CarsGuru

ReviewTec offers a solution for dealerships to gather lot's of customer reviews on CarGurus, Google Local Listings, CARFAX etc, using Email and SMS review requests.

Check out these features that can build your CarGurus review profile:

SMS review requests
Quickly and easily send review requests to customers via SMS text, increasing response rates and ensuring a steady flow of feedback.

Automatically send follow-up messages to customers who haven't responded to review requests, maximizing the chances of receiving valuable feedback.

Thank you messages
Show appreciation for customers who leave reviews by sending automated - yet personalized thank you messages.

Live tracking
Monitor the progress of every review request in real-time.

The Reviewtec Dashboard displaying the status of a businesses review websites.
Access detailed reports on review performance as a whole or by team member. Some dealerships have turned our reports into a competitive game between sales teams.

Data-driven suggestions
As review requests go out and data comes back, our system makes recommendations to continuously improve your dealership's customer experience and reputation.

By incorporating ReviewTec's SMS & Email review request system, dealerships can get a higher ranking on CarGurus, ensuring a steady stream of new potential customers.

These just arrived! CarGurus Reviews.

Check out these new Reviews Reviewtec brought in!

CarGurus Review
5 stars
Great customer service and made it really easy for me and my purchase.
- Hassan Duerod - Reviewed California Motors Direct on CarGurus
CarGurus Review
5 stars
Our person was Anthony and he was very nice and cooperative
- Noah Blanding - Reviewed California Motors Direct on CarGurus
CarGurus Review
5 stars
- Cesar Ledesma - Reviewed California Motors Direct on CarGurus

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