Asking for Reviews: SMS vs Email

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using SMS and email to gather customer reviews, and how to choose the best method for your business needs. SMS offers immediacy and high open rates, while email provides more detail and wider reach.

Reviews: Reviews: Email vs SMS Text Message Requests
Reviews: Email vs SMS Text Message Requests
Review article by: Alex Wong
Alex Wong
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Asking for reviews through SMS (Short Message Service) and email are both effective methods for businesses to gather customer feedback. Both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one will depend on your specific business needs.



  • Immediate: SMS is a direct and immediate way to reach customers and request reviews. The instant nature of SMS means that customers are more likely to see and respond to the request in a timely manner.
  • High Open Rates: SMS has a higher open rate compared to email, meaning that customers are more likely to see and respond to the review request.
  • Personal: SMS allows for a personal touch, as businesses can craft messages that are tailored to their customers' needs and experiences.


  • Limited Space: SMS has limited space, so businesses need to be concise and clear when requesting reviews.
  • Opt-in Only: To send SMS messages to customers, businesses must have explicit consent from customers to receive messages.

If you want to achieve high average open rates and response rates, and consistent engagement, SMS is a solid bet. But you can’t write off email completely.



  • More Detail: Emails allow for more detail and provide an opportunity for businesses to include additional information, such as links to review platforms.
  • Higher Response Rates: Email has a higher response rate compared to SMS, as customers have more time to consider and respond to the request.
  • Wide Reach: Emails can reach a large audience, making them a useful tool for businesses with a large customer base.


  • Delayed Response: Emails may have a delayed response, as customers may not see the request for several hours or days after it was sent.
  • Low Open Rates: Emails have a lower open rate compared to SMS, meaning that some customers may not see the request.

Important: Be careful not to overwhelm customers with marketing messages. Email marketing frequency depends on your industry and how often customers hear from your business. In general, one to two bulk emails per week are ideal for most companies.

Both SMS and email are useful tools for businesses to ask for reviews (Reviewtec Offers Both!). The choice between the two will depend on factors such as the size of your customer base, the type of business, and the preferences of your customers. It may also be beneficial to utilize both methods to reach a wider audience and increase the chances of receiving reviews.


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