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BuildZoom: A Valuable Tool for Local Contractors

BuildZoom is an online platform designed to connect homeowners with local contractors for their construction and remodeling needs. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of BuildZoom for local contractors, the importance of acquiring reviews on the platform, and how ReviewTec can make it easy to gather positive reviews on BuildZoom./p>


The Power of Reviews on BuildZoom:

By creating a profile on BuildZoom, contractors can showcase their skills, services, and previous work, making it easier for potential clients to find and hire them. This platform is particularly useful for local contractors, as it helps them connect with homeowners actively seeking their services, making it easier to generate leads and grow their business.

Acquiring positive reviews on BuildZoom can offer several benefits for local contractors:

Increased Trust and Credibility:
Positive reviews signal to potential homeowners that you are a reliable contractor, resulting in increased trust and credibility.

Enhanced Online Visibility:
Having a collection of positive reviews can improve your online presence, making it more likely that potential homeowners will find you when searching for local contractors.

Advantage over Local Competition:
Positive reviews can set your business apart from local competitors going after the same homeowners.

Homeowner Confidence:
Homeowners are more likely to engage with contractors who have a solid reputation on BuildZoom, as it reassures them that they are making a wise choice.

The More You Know...

In 2013, BuildZoom raised only $18,000 seed round from Hydrazine Capital and Y Combinator.

2 years later, in 2015, they raised $10.6 million in funding from Formation 8.

Today, BuildZoom is valued at over $50 million! Good job!

Get BuildZoom Reviews Faster with ReviewTec

ReviewTec is designed to help businesses, including local contractors, acquire and manage reviews across various platforms, including BuildZoom. With ReviewTec, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Email and SMS Review Requests
Send personalized review requests to clients via email or SMS, increasing the likelihood of receiving a positive review.

Automated Follow-Ups and Thank You Messages
ReviewTec ensures a seamless and positive experience for clients with intelligent follow-ups and thank you messages.

Live Tracking and Reporting
Monitor your review acquisition progress in real-time, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your strategies.

Data-Driven Suggestions
ReviewTec provides insights into the best times and methods for requesting reviews, helping to increase your success rates.
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BuildZoom and ReviewTec offer local contractors a powerful combination for business growth, much like rolling a snowball downhill. As you begin to accumulate positive reviews through ReviewTec, it's like starting a small snowball at the top of a hill. As it rolls down, the snowball gathers more snow, growing in size and momentum. Similarly, the more positive reviews you obtain, the more your reputation and client base expand, ultimately leading to even more reviews and business opportunities.

Don't miss out on the chance to revolutionize your contracting business with this unstoppable force – start leveraging the power of BuildZoom and ReviewTec today and watch your business snowball into unprecedented success.

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5 stars
Great contractor! Trust worthy, with true attention to detail! I am a San Diego interior designer and I have completed multiple projects with Stanton...
- Holly C. - Reviewed Stanley Construction Inc. on BuildZoom

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